Monday, December 15, 2008

Who takes a kid's toy?

It's been a long time since I've written anything here, I know. Honestly, I've been feeling a bit blah about my work, about the state of the public education system, about teachers' unions, about my co-workers. A three week vacation helped a great deal, and last week was the first time in months that I felt, once again, like I have the greatest job on earth. And I do. Sometimes bad things happen in good jobs, though, and today was one of those days.

Over the weekend, someone who works at the school (or who stole keys and learned the alarm code - not likely) came into the library and took my laptop and charger, several digital cameras, and the Playstation 2 that my boyfriend donated so that I could hold a weekly Game Day after school.


Why do people do things like this?

I noticed the PS2 right away. Its cord still dangles from the top of the Fiction Coh-Cre bookcase, just as I found it this morning. At first I figured that someone borrowed it. A few teachers here use the PS2 and Rock Band equipment from time to time when they have a group of students who've earned a reward. It seemed odd though, that anyone would have come to borrow it Friday afternoon after I had already left for the day. I emailed the staff asking that it be returned. I heard nothing back.

Later in the day, our tech guy (Mark) stopped by for a visit. He mentioned that one of our teacher's laptops was stolen over the weekend. I mentioned the PS2 and he suggested that it was almost certainly stolen. It was only then, at 1pm, that I went to see if my laptop was on my desk. It wasn't. Nor were the 4 digital cameras that I had been using late last week.

One may wonder why I hadn't noticed the laptop until so late in the day. Truthfully, I don't use it much, and I'm almost never in my little office. And the cameras? Yes, they were just sitting on my desk, not locked away in a cabinet as they most certainly should have been. In my defense, I am a flake. Also, almost NO ONE has key access to my office. Plus, I just didn't think anyone would do this.

It's the Playstation that really gets me. What about Game Day? What about the Rock Band tournament that I was planning for the spring? What about all the kids who love to come sing, play guitar, and just be with each other? I think you have to be a low-down dirty dog to steal from kids. A flea-ridden, mangy, stinky, oozing, low-down dirty dog.

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tashikitten said...

Sorry to hear about the thefts. That is heartbreaking. However, I have great news for you. My roommate is upgrading to a PS3 after Christmas and will gladly donate her PS2 to your school library right now, if you still need one. Please contact me at if you are interested (this offer only open to Mizz Murphy!)