Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make a Wish

In the library, I have a "Make a Wish" form that kids can fill out to request a certain title or topic. I keep their suggestions in mind when I'm purchasing new items for the collection. Today I started looking through their suggestions and came upon this wish for a new book/author:

"Booty Tits"

What are those? Any ideas? Or is it suppsoed to be Booty, Tits? I'm pretty sure that's not a book title, or an author's name. But perhaps I'm wrong.

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Shayana said...

It's probably what you think. I've had a suggestion box in the LMC since my 2nd semester here, and while some of the suggestions are really good, I often end up with things like "porn" and "Playboy".

BTW - do you ever check the histories on your computers? You'll find some interesting searches if you do. :)