Friday, November 6, 2009

Leave the seat up. I BEG you!

Why is it that about 50% of all middle school boys do not know how to properly use a bathroom? Don't they learn this when they are, oh, I don't know.....three?!?!?!?
I have a bathroom in the library. I allow students who work for me as Student Librarians to use it. Sometimes I let a kid with an emergency use it, or a kid who used to work for me, or a kid who just hangs out in the library a lot. This is something I should not do for two reasons.
  1. Boys often do not life the lid! Ew! I really could not care less if they put the lid DOWN at this point. I would just like them to lift it in the first place so that they do not coat the seat with, well, you know. Gag.
  2. Boys do not flush. What? How do you forget to flush? So, entering the bathroom often results in a surprise, and it's not a good one.
  3. Boys cannot aim. Why is this? They've had a decade of practice, yet the floor (yes, the FLOOR) is often slippery with their......blech, I want to barf just thinking about it.
I don't understand this. I have NO idea how to address it ("Um, guys, could you please flush the toilet and try not to piss all over the place from now on?"). I can't stand the potential humiliation of that conversation.

At this point, it's a real gamble any time I walk in there. SO. GROSS.