Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going in for the kill

I have my hearing, finally, tomorrow. It feels surreal, out of place, and after the fact.
Every other Teacher Librarian had a hearing a week ago, before this media blitz, in which I took part. Will that impact my hearing? Who knows?

Since the end of the TL hearings there have been op-eds, radio programs, and nationally publicized pieces about our fight. Will my hearing be changed?
Will the questioning be more forthright, or more cryptic?
Will the judge be more convinced, or less?
Will my editorial and blog be in play?
Will Superintendent Deasy's radio proclamation to keep libraries intact be taken seriously?
Will I be grilled, or will my testimony be par for the course?
Did the district notice that I wrote a number of pieces that did not favor their choices?

I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.
Here's what I know:
  • over 15, 000 people have read my blog on this matter, so people care
  • there are 2, 200 students at my school who care
  • I am extremely qualified to teach, so says the State of California
  • Libraries are essential to the propagation of educated societies
  • Information, and the freedom, access, and understanding of that information, are at the heart of our democratic principles as a society
  • Librarians are the guardians of that information
So, wish me luck, as I will be attempting to say all of this in a highly stressful situation tomorrow. I hope I don't choke!!!


mlaiuppa said...

Good luck.

And don't forget to bring those copies of your proof of classroom teaching in the PRECEEDING five years and if you're given an opening, lead with that evidence. The state of California says you're highly qualified to teach in all of your credentialed subject areas and the LAUSD and these lawyers do not have the authority to revoke or nullify your teaching credential.

You are not a criminal to be prosecuted nor do you need to defend yourself as a teacher.

This is a farce.

Sparky's Retreat said...

Good Luck Nora! Irregardless, you inspire.

turtlelearning said...

Nora - I wish I'd known you were testifying today, I would have gone too! I assume you will write about what happened -- I've heard a couple of comments that they really grilled you. I've seen some elementary teachers who were treated with such contempt as well. I do think these are normal tactics for LAUSD.
Thank you for your wonderful blog and Op-Ed piece!

janet said...

I have been reading about your situation with shock and dismay from the relative safety of my 22 year position in a small public school in Santa Barbara. My thought last week was as one of much money is being spent on this inquisition? And to what better use could it have been put? I began my teaching in South Central LA. in 1970. I have always felt some of my best and most important work was there. You have my greatest respect.