Monday, November 8, 2010

One of those days

I am having one of those half bad, half good days.

The bad:

  • I heard a teacher say, "You better pay attention, cause I'm not gonna help you."
  • I have no afternoon help, so while I am teaching classes the phone rings and rings and rings. When I finally do answer, people say, "I have been TRYING to CALL you." They are all mad.
  • It is 2:40 and I just finished my lunch. I microwaved it at 11:30.
  • My student librarians have been making so many shelving mistakes that I haven't been able to find several books I've needed.
  • A teacher called in sick today and then sent her kids over with a substitute (not supposed to happen).
  • The kids here with the sub are supposed to be researching a "significant event". Most have them have chosen random earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Why? These are hard to research.
  • I keep looking at the clock and thinking it is an hour closer to quitting time than it already is because the school's clocks have not reset.
The Good:

  • Two of the kids from the class above are researching the advent of Coca-cola. They are reading to each other from the World Book Encyclopedia in slow, halting speech. They are enjoying what they are learning.
  • It was light outside when I left for work this morning.
  • My lunch, although cold, was both delicious and healthy.
  • I had a student bring back a book that I recommended on Friday, finished and ready for the sequel. She has decided her favorite genre is dystopian fiction. I also love dystopian fiction.
I hope that by the day's end the list of good will be longer, and the list of bad will seem insignificant and funny.

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Shayana said...

What book had you recommended??