Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Waels Mating, Rinos Popular

Some of the computer tables in my library are round, meaning I cannot see the many of the monitors from the front counter. This is a problem at the busiest times of day. What I believe this arrangement says to the kids is "She's not looking! Search for porn!"
Below is a list of searches that were recently performed using MSN's image search. Original spellings have been used in most cases, although the history shows that in a few cases the student made several attempts before the computer's auto-correct was able to interpret what s/he was trying to say. I should also mention that applause for the district's blocking capabilities should be firmly held. I leave it to you to pick apart this child's thought process as s/he conducted the search.
girdles [i believe this was meant to be girls, but maybe not]
pupies mating
dogs mating
rinos mating
lions mating
horses ass
jake ass
zeabra ass
donkey ass
gay people mating
mating people
kangaroos mating
waels mating
anemals gone wield
naket anemals
rhinos mating
horney anemals
horse shet
horses gone wield
zeabras gone wild

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Anonymous said...

funniest thing i've seen all day.